The schedule and plan for the 2021 event is still being finalized. As Covid number increase, there is a chance this will be moved to a virtual event unfortunately (we hope to make this decision soon). If in person, things will be a little different to ensure social distancing measures are able to be practiced. Please be patient and understanding with this! See below for how the event would be planned to run if it is in person.

Please also check the FAQ page for additional questions you may have. Be aware, these times are very much my best guess and are give or take an hour. 

9am: Meet at the Upper Green Put In with your shuttle set 

We will do all of the registration and check in at the Upper Green put in this year. NO SHUTTLES PROVIDED. Due to Covid-19, I have made the decision not to provide shuttles this year. Please plan accordingly and make sure to set your shuttle in advance. There may be people (our past shuttle bunnies) offering to give some rides, and best case scenario would be to find a ride to the put in so that we can limit the number of cars being parked. I recognize this will change the dynamic of the day a bit, and I thank everyone for understanding.

9:00-9:45am: Check in and Registration

When you arrive at the Upper Put In in the morning, you will be asked to sign up for a group. The spots will be set up strategically to have half upper only and half upper/ narrows paddlers.

9:45am: Welcome and Safety Talk

We will have an event welcome and safety talk before splitting up for small group intros and safety meetings.

10:00am-12:30pm: Paddle the Upper Green
Put on the river in groups and paddle downstream! On the river, we will be split into our groups of approximately 7-10 people. Each group will have two pre-assigned leaders who will be responsible for making sure the groups are safe and stay together moving downstream. They are not there as guides or instructors, but the idea of the day is for everyone to share tips and provide support.

12:30-1:00pm: Arrive at the Upper Take Out/ Upper Only Ladies Hike Out
Arrive at the Upper Take Out/ Narrows Put In. All of the ladies taking out here will begin the hike out, while the rest of the group will continue on through the narrows. Everyone hiking out should have a shuttle vehicle or shuttle driving already at the Galimore Road parking lot. We hope you will join us down at Fishtop to swim and hang out at Hammer Factor and then have a raffle!

1:00-1:30: Narrows Paddler Group Meeting/ Paddle the Green Narrows
There will be a quick meeting for the ladies continuing on down the Narrows. We will then shuffle the groups to end up with similarly sized groups before starting our way downstream. We will paddle in our small groups, but stay close to each other for safety and support.

3:30pm: Upper Only Women Arrive at Fishtop 
Women who hiked out of Upper will join at Fishtop and hike upstream to hang out at Hammer Factor to watch the rest of the group come through!

4:30pm: Post Paddling Social/ Raffle
All women arrive at Fishtop and join in the Fishtop parking lot for a social time and raffle!

Dont forget to bring cash for the raffle! Tickets are $10 each and all money goes to the Live Like Maria and Shannon Christy Memorial Funds. There are lots of great prizes up for grabs including a Dagger kayak!