UPDATE: The Sponsor the Sponsors Challenge has come to a close and I am excited to announce that we were able to support all of our sponsors that had something we were able to purchase for the raffle! This community is so amazing and I am so proud to be part of it. Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative! To check out all of the prizes that were donated by this initiative as well as additional prizes donated directly by the sponsors, check out the 2020 Raffle Page

As I write this, the world is going through difficult and unprecedented times due to COVID19. The businesses and organizations that have enthusiastically sponsored the Takeover in the years past are being hit especially hard. Now is not the time to be asking them for donations because right now is when they need our support not the other way around. It is with that in mind that I have decided to do things a little differently for the Takeover raffle this year. Instead of asking the sponsors for donations like I've done in the past, I am challenging the Takeover community to "Sponsor the Sponsors" instead!

What "Sponsor the Sponsors" mean exactly?

It means that I am asking you, the Takeover Community, to help me thank and support our sponsors by going out and purchasing a raffle item from one of our dedicated sponsors and then donate that item back to the Takeover raffle so that we can accomplish two important goals. 1) To still host a Takeover Raffle and raise money for the Shannon Christy and Live Like Maria Memorial Funds (even if we're unable to do the actual paddle this year) and 2) To support our awesome and dedicated sponsors who have supported us over the years!

Who should participate in the challenge?

Anyone and Everyone! I consider the Takeover community extending beyond just the ladies who have joined for the paddle. Its anyone who believes in the value of supporting women in paddlesports. If you want to help our cause by supporting the event, the Shannon Christy and Live Like Maria Memorial Funds and the sponsors who have shown dedication to the same causes, this challenge is for you!

How do I know what to purchase?

Take a look at the 2019 Raffle Prizes section of the website. There you'll find a list of last year's raffle prizes (along with their corresponding sponsor) which will give you a good idea of what to buy and who to buy from. I have also listed out the sponsors at the bottom of this page. By no means do you need to purchase the exact items that were in the raffle in the past, just do what you're able to and what speaks to you, just please make sure to buy from one of our sponsors, whether directly from them or via your favorite local independent specialty shop. Once you've decided what you'd like to donate, please email greenrivertakeover@gmail.com with "Sponsor the Sponsors" in the subject line and let us know what item(s) you picked. In an effort to make sure that as many sponsors as possible are supported, if your sponsor has already had something purchased from them, we may ask you to chose another, so please send multiple preferences if you have them. We will then response to your email letting you know how to get the item to us once you've purchased it. We'll be promoting all donations on the Event FB page so please let me know if you would like your donation to remain anonymous.

Do I get anything for participating?

Everyone will get the personal gratification of knowing that they're helping support some awesome causes! Beyond that, if you identify as a female paddler, you will also get a raffle ticket for every $10 that you spend on your donation. Sorry to all the men out there wanting to partake in the raffle, but this is one thing we like to keep for the ladies (but we really do appreciate and notice your support)!

Do I have to be present to win at the raffle?

Normally, yes, but this year because of the change in format and wanted to maximize our support of our sponsors, we are going to allow any ladies who receive tickets in conjunction with this challenge have the opportunity to win, even if you are not able to attend the actual event. I cannot promise how we'll handle that logistically, I may just have to pick an item for you (the raffle usually includes your choice of prize) and it may be local pick up only (or you pay for shipping or have a friend pick up for you), but I can promise that we'll make sure to get a prize in your hands if you win.

What if there isn't a Takeover this year due to COVID19?

If we can't have a physical Takeover this year, we will have a virtual one! It might look a bit different, and wouldn't include any paddling, but in the very least there will be a raffle!

Ok, I'm in, what do I do now?!

Look at the Sponsor list below, find something you'd like to buy and donate from a sponsor on the list and email the name of the item to greenrivertakeover@gmail.com. We'll then confirm that its from a sponsor that still needs sponsoring and let you know how to get the item to us once you've purchased it! Some sponsors will be more difficult to buy something from, but I didn't want to leave them off because we'd still love to support them all in any way we can, even if its just giving them a referral (like Caleb Coaplen realty), using their services in the future (like renting the Green River Gorge House for your next family vacation) or just telling them thank you (like to Daniel Brasuell of A Wet State).

Dagger Kayaks 
Adventure Technology Hercules Paddle
Calleva's Liquid Adventures 
Astral Bouyancy 
NOC Paddling School 
NOC/ SOLO Wilderness Medicine 
Endless River Adventures 
H20 Dreams 
Endless Bike Company
French Broad River Academy
Seals Sprayskirts
The Gorge Zipline 
Green River Adventures
Watershed Dry Bags
Tomboy Organic Skincare Co.
Kate Furman Jewelry 
Blue Ridge Bio Mechanics / The Ride Life 
Chad Blotner Photograpy and Gallery
Mountain Khakis 
Title Nine 
Bryson City Outdoors
Mind Body Paddle
Saluda Outfitters
Green River Gorge House
Rob Giersch Photography

Sponsors to support with a thank you, donation, referral, or use of their services when you can!
A Wet State (aka Daniel Brasuell our videographer)
Caleb Coaplen Realty
Great Falls Foundation